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Yes, it's coming in only a few hours to Netflix! I am going to start a chat in Marvel with the hastag #DD2 so we can talk and keep the spoilers out of the way for people who might not have watched! #spoilerfree Vingle! Head Merc with a Mouth LAVONYORK
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I'm ready
2 years ago·Reply
@boogleman I am too. I been rematching the first season to be fully ready for it. Btw I'm going to be putting up some DC stuff, I will tag you in them!
2 years ago·Reply
ok cool @LAVONYORK
2 years ago·Reply
Thank you for starting a chat! Haha I tried to watch it all last night but I fell asleep XD
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 the ulimate binge on!
2 years ago·Reply