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Okay guys, you might not think this is a problem (and it really isn't a HUGE problem) but my boyfriend hates my favorite foods.
Thanks to @cindystran's card for getting me thinking about the food struggle ;)

I love him, he's great, this might even be his only flaw!

but for the love of God WHY does he literally gag at the thought of sushi? a fillet of salmon? Squid and clams and tuna?!
I'm really joking when I call this his flaw (because to be fair, he loves burgers and I'm a pescatarian) but I think it brings up an interesting conversation...

How do you compromise in relationships? What do you compromise?

Has a teeeeeeeeeny tiny detail ever broken your relationship?!

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I don't compromise I just find someone better, compromising goes against my set of cardinal rules
love is about sacrifice and compromise to comfort each other. if you hate to eat or do something, don't let your partner hate it too.
because you a woman, he - is man, we newer can understanding both at all.. it possible he needed diferent food, it's from nature, but can be too - he's need a fish exactly, just he didn't understand this yet - this from nature too;))!! sometimes we so different... it can be he need the "strongest" food, because he need more physical energy..? or can be this from the allergies sequence's... I have one friend,who hates the smell of salmon... for me - it's strange, but not for him! :))
My husband and I have totally different eating habits. He's a really meaty person and I'm all about leafy greens. When deciding what to eat we try to consider one another. However, I would have to say he's better at compromising and I appreciate that!
The last person I dated was a super picky eater- basically lived off hamburger helper and protein shakes. Which sucked because I love to cook and try new things. It wasn't a major conflict, but it usually meant we couldn't eat together