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It's the shippin' time again...
So while I wait for @PrincessUnicorn card... I decided to see who my other members of Vingle family ship me with once again...I was taghed by 8 people and you know who you are. I tagged you down below with everyone else.
things about my peraonality beside being a mother... ♢I'm 5'3 and mostly a laid back go with the flow type. ♢I would prefer a night at home rather than out but when out I tend to stick close to people I know. ♢I am friendly and not shy I tried to include everyone. ♢I don't like arguing but will if push comes to shove. ♢ I love writing poetry, stories and drawing. ♢ I love to cook and bake. ♢I am not a great dancer but I can stay on beat and told I'm rather good at twerkin. ♢I don't think I'm funny but told I am. ♢ I am very sensitive. I mean I cry at animes and those sad animal commercials. I love kids and they tend to love me and come up to me. I usually take them back to their parents. ♢ Oh and I am 29. ♢I do tend to have a bubbly personality one would say I'm extroverted but I am actually introverted. ♢I am the therapist of my friends and the philosopher and deep thinker of all my friends. ♢my dream job is to work with kids or be a doctor. ♢ I express my feelings through writing or art ♢I tend to read a lot of books like 600 per year ♢My music taste is eclectic it ranges from classical to heavy metal to country to pop to kpop ♢love kdramas and kpop ♢been told I am a weirdo on all accounts but it's part of my charm ♢very loyal and hardly worker...
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Jin & Jinyoung 😊
a year ago·Reply
@VeronicaArtino Awe~ you're welcome. You deserve him XD
a year ago·Reply
I was actually thinking suga too huehuehue~
a year ago·Reply
@VeronicaArtino awww you're so SWEET !!! and I love you too and yes your welcome for the ships😁💕🌸
a year ago·Reply
hmm I think with your bubbly personality I would say daesung
a year ago·Reply