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Brides and gals, I recently shared a bridal cape concept with you, which you can see here for reference. You ALL LOVED IT! So I thought I would share another concept with you that is geared for the mothers of the bride and groom. (Not to say that you couldn't wear this.)
This Tony Ward Couture dress is midnight blue with a delicate patterned sheath style underdress while the cape portion of silk georgette looks like something from Game of Thrones in its sultry hand and simplicity.
Moms need to look good at the wedding (or gala) too! I think brides (and grooms), need to make sure that the moms are looking good for these nuptials as well. Please--no pant suits or bolero jackets!!!!
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Oh my goodness!! So perfect and beautiful.
Omg so beautiful~
Whether it me this midnight blue or another color entirely, this cape dress would OWN every best dressed list in the USA! @TessStevens
@marshalledgar I want this in my life.
This is absolutely beautiful! Forget the wedding, I would wear this to any special occasion! I wouldn't even change anything with it! (and we know I like to be picky, lol)