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Update on GOT7 fanfic
so guys I just wanted to let you all know that I am sorry for not posting ch 4 yet. It is all written out I just need to type it. I have just been emotionally drain with my sisters situation and work. but I have now managed my time better and have decided to post three chapters this weekend. Thanks for reading it because I really don't know if it is good but in my head it is getting good. their will be some guest appearances i. the next few chapters of bts, an abusive ex boyfriend, a secret guy best friend (it's a celebrity), and some very sad times but some fun times as well. so please stay tune...does anyone want to take a guess on who is the screen best friend nicknamed jelly bean..awe I can't wait because it's going to add a lot to the story....
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take your time don't worry
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<3 we're here for you!
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No worries. .we'll wait for you. Love the teaser here!
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