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Something happened at the gym today. I was working out, doing my thing and it just hit me, out of nowhere: my life-long workout journey only began late last summer. August-ish.
That's only about six months. Compare six months of training to the rest of my life of training!
So, yeah, while it's going to take time to see's going to take time! For the longest time I have been so hard on myself with my efforts at the gym. But today, my mind seemed to shift in a way to align correctly. It brought calm, perspective and joy, if you can believe that.
If you're like me and easily become your worst critic, take a step back and remember to be patient. Some things take time.
What a 42-month before-and-after looks like...when you're consistent, determined, focused, and excuse-less.
This is a picture of Dom Derasmo. He's a New Yorker that I've been following on social media for about 4 months or so. I like following him because, to me, he seems real. He lives a normal job life, unlike many professional athletes, whose job it is to live at the gym. He eats. He vacations. He lives his life, and yet he has been able to achieve this level of muscularity and vascularity. Incredible.
Thank you for letting me share my epiphany. Hopefully it will encourage you!
AWESOME! I'm so impatient too, that's why I tend to give up.
I agree...
and here I thought that I was the only impatient one @TessStevens we can't give up. we gotta help each oth e r