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Who Do You Ship Me With? ♡_♡

I have seen this challenge floating around the Vinglesphere the past couple days and i was curious to try but luckily the squad tagged me.
I don't really take a lot of pictures of myself (or as the kids these days call it, selfies). I prefer to take pictures of scenaries, random whatever, and my fur babies. But these are all I could find, some are little old but I still look the same lol.
Um, let's see.... ~I'm a Dragon ~I'm 5'7"ish ~I'm half Brasilian, part Czech, German and basically everything in between. ~Only child ~Fiercely independent ~Born on the cusp of Aries and Taurus ~I'm a writer ~When I was little I wanted to be an FBI Profiler, but then I realized how much work that would be so I decided I would just write about them instead a la Richard Castle ~My family dubbed me "Murphy's Law" because I seriously have the worst luck ever ~Favorite color is Pink ~Can't cook, everything I make ends up flavorless. Seriously, my dog won't even eat my cooking ~When I'm not at work, I'm usually comatose ~My spirit animal is a sloth ~I've been told I'm very oblivious. I tend to live in my head and only focus on things that interest me
~Proud mama of two girls: a beautiful kitty named Baby and an insane pup known as Lucy the Monster. Aren't they cute? ~I've been obsessed with Sailor Moon ever since I was little and it hasn't gone away yet ~Sometimes my sarcasm is so fluent, I don't even know if I'm being joking or not ~I'm awkward. It's kind of annoying but I can't control it. My dad is super awkward too so I'm sure I got it from him. Thanks, Dad ~I have a quick temper but once I rant I'm fine. ~I'm a chameleon, I'm constantly changing my style and hair color. Although for over a year now I've been faithful to blonde. Who knows how long it'll last tho. ~I have an indecent obsession with shopping ~Three things that always make me happy are Pikachu, Hello Kitty, and KPop
Wow okay I've blabbered on enough! I normally don't enjoy talking about myself but since I'm writing it all down, it's strangely therapeutic. So please tell me what you guys think!
Taehyung 💕✊😁
@angiey0222 you think so?? thanks!! we'd be so sassy together haha
@amobigbang yeah? Aw I love your answer! Jin would be awesome to the kids and he would feed us. win!
EXO Sehun 😊
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