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OK here my theory on how natsu is not going to die in the final fight and how hiro happy ending mit be.
Ok well we all now who acnologia is.
and we now who Natsu Dragneel is and about him being E.N.D and how they cant kill zeref with out killing Natsu.
and we also now who Zeref Dragneel. is and about his past…
So what if Human acnologia showed up when natsu is fighting with zeref Once again and zeref and natsu have to team up.
some how during this fight after acnologia is defeated.
and instead of natsu killing zeref his curse get lifted somehow and time catch's up with it self and natsu lives but zeref himself finally find the peace he seeked all this time.
so what do you think about this Fairy tail theory let me know in the comments do you think this is posable or do you think other wise let me know what you think.
this is probably something like how it's gonna play out. either that or in fighting acnologia, zeref will somehow self-sacrifice and Natsu will absorb acnologia's power, and that will be enough to keep him alive even if zeref dies.
I kind of want all the dragon slayers to fight acnologia, but a Natsu and zeref tag team would still be epic.
I really hope this is how this goes.....Natsu cant die him and Lucy have nalu babies to make
I would love to see that too but as of so far this is the theory I have for what will happen
well hiro did say fairy tail will have a happy ending
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