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There he is staring at you while you are in your back yard. What do you do? Do you flip him off? Climb over your fence and talk to him?
One day you find him in your backyard. What do you do? Tell him to leave or you'll call the cops? Or invite him in?
He rings your door bell and gives you this smile and offers you a present as he token that he likes you. Do you take it or throw it at him?
I'd fear for my house and backyard's life. HE'D PROBABLY PUT A HOLE IN MY GOD DAMN PORCH FOR CRYING OUT. Although I wouldn't move, I'd just make him play for any damages 馃槀馃槀
... It's bad enough I'm shy but th I s is just plain- I would hide in my bedroom closet blushing a dark shade of brown (since I'm black and all that jazz)
what wouldn't I do.. lol not shy here so I'd go for it
I'll take his gift... But if it's something ugly, then I'll throw it in my front yard.
@woahdersierra True true 馃槀
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