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Go to Japan for me!! What about you guys??

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wtf none of this I don't care who you are, your going to be thinking about your family or how to not die
@Ritu sir, I believe you didnt read the post, it says what do you want to do BEFORE you die as an otaku not when your dying or on your death bed.
@GiovanniSolorza but thets not about dying then, it's about what you want to do in your life
@Ritu think of it as a "bucket list" question. Everyone has a list of cool things they want to do before they die thats the point of this card. As an otaku what is on your otaku bucket list out of the listed items or do have something else
Also personally i want to make an anime go to Japan and go to Akihabara to shop and sign autographs for fans of my anime and do the same state side while traveling listening to J pop and watching m g anime and top 3 anime on the way there and back