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Okay, I am a gamer and one of my favorite series is Mass Effect. While looking for some details on the new Mass Effect game that is coming out for Xbox one, I came across some seriously amazing Cosplayers.. Man I was so excited! Now I am going to share my finds with you. No Shepard in this because that character can look how ever you want as long you have your N7 gear!
Nailed it! That's Tali! Slide over to the right to see her game character!
Garrus, OMG... You know the work that went into that! Btw, Mass Effect heads would get why he is reading that book! Lol
Legion, the AI Geth that @paulisadroid loves and Tali again! Love it!
Jack is freaking great! She had the bad ass not cars attitude. Now I want to play again!
Liara! I snuck in an extra photo of here because people who nail her Cosplay down are troopers!
Liara and Samara! Great look.. I added an extra Samara that looks amazing as hell!
Edi and Joker Cosplay that worked out wonders. Especially the Edi Cos. I'm totally soild!
Great Miranda Cosplay! The costume is nailed!
Ashley Cosplay Nailed
Holy shit! Look at him! He is a tough one to pull off!
Last but not least... ARIA! Please feel free to leave me some comments and also tag me in any Video Games Cosplays! @poojas @paulisadroid @InVinsybll and the rest of Vingle!
I'm SO impressed! Building those must have taken a lot of dedication
@meeshell Lmao no problem! Mass Effect makes me yell too. I have played alot of games but I have to say Mass effect is my favorite series period. It has space, drama and fighting. Thats a great combination, along with that amazing story telling! High 5 back at you!
WOW THESE ARE AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! I super love Garrus and dat calibration book HAHAHAHA XD!!! MASS EFFECT IS MY LIFE I love it times a jabillion million <3 I can't waaaaait for more news about Andromeda! Doods, please tag me in all of your video game things! Or everything! *high five! and I'm sorry for shouting so much :\*
WHOA all of these are awesome
kasumi IS pretty sweet, and you could definitely see chemistry in that mission with her and Shepherd - buuuuut she never talks!!! 😩😩😩 you cant have a conversation with her like the others
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