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Dear @BBxGD, I don't know you personally but as a community, we share our love for K-pop. I'm not as hardcore of a V.I.P. as you are, but that didn't stop me from reaching out to them to ask for their support. All in all, please keep fighting!! You are loved by your friends, family, Vingle, and Big Bang alike~ ♡
"I think about them and they are my strength and great comfort."
♡ G-Dragon [on V.I.Ps] (“Who is the GD the public doesn’t know?”) Big Bang 2015, tumblr ♡♡ BBxGD's story here ♡♡♡ Show your support! More info here

Some things to do that might cheer you up btw:

Look at puppies!

Fangirl over your bias!

Fangirl over your bias with a puppy!

Rock out a little!

Get snazzy!

♡♡♡•°.○ Fighting!!~! ○.°•♡♡♡

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This is an awesome card. Thank you for supporting our @BBxGD!
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