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Who remembers this douche bag? You know Fairy King Oberon. Asuna's ex-fiancé. The guy who practically raped her! I HATE THIS GUY WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL! I mean, I hate Yui Komori, but I hate this guy a whole lot more. He is one of the worst characters I've ever had to watch. I mean, I watched Corpse Party and that is pretty... Ya know. But that's just the way horror anime go. While watching this guy, I flinched, every time. If you didn't think this guy was a sick bastard, then I pray for you. Anyone else agree that this guy is probably the most hated character of all time?
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I've never met a single soul who LIKED him!! There's nothing to like! Well, maybe his psychotic side., I do enjoy that quite a bit..
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he is creepy
2 years ago·Reply
i hate him he's a creep omg
2 years ago·Reply
worst character ever... even in animes where there are bad guys they usually have a realization and feel bad or turn good or whatever...not him
2 years ago·Reply
he can go die
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