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Maybe this week was too much fluff...
Baekhyun sat at the end of the bed with his head in his hands. He could do nothing else to contain his annoyance. Lately, you had been getting closer to Chanyeol. Baekhyun couldn’t really blame you though. After all, he was the one who had insisted that the two of you become friends. He hated how awkward you felt when you were alone in the room with his best friend, but now he was beginning to hate just how comfortable you felt together. The last few days especially, you and Chanyeol had been extra close. Baekhyun would return from the studio or shopping with some of the other members and find the two of you sitting close together on the couch and whispering. The moment he came into the room, you would both stop talking.
You entered the room, having finally finished taking your shower. It was almost six o’clock and the two of you needed to get going for your dinner. It was Baekhyun’s birthday, and you promised him you two would have a quiet dinner. Baekhyun was already dressed to go and was now waiting on you to get dressed. You were running a little late because you had to ‘run errands’ all day.
You made your way across the room to the closet, running your fingers through his hair as you passed by. You figured he was tired, having been staying late at the studio lately, and so you didn’t think much about his attitude. You were in the middle of changing when you got a phone call. You put it on speaker phone, needing both hands to slip into your dress. You didn’t really pay attention to who was calling, so you were shocked when you heard Chanyeol’s deep voice on the other end.
“Hey, (Y/N), what time are you swinging by-” In less than a millisecond, you swiftly switched the phone off speaker and turned your back towards Baekhyun. “Listen, I can’t talk right now.” There was a short pause before you dropped the volume of your voice; clearly trying to keep Baekhyun from hearing you. “Yes, he is right here. Don’t worry, I remember what we decided on. Yes, don’t worry Chan, I think we are in the clear.” The moment you said the last sentence, you heard the door slam behind you. You jumped and spun on your heels. Baekhyun was no longer sitting on the bed, and you had no idea where he could have gone.
You quickly finished putting your dress on, zipping the back up as you ran out of the room. Baekhyun was in the kitchen, leaning against the counter. “Jagiya, is everything okay?” You asked as you slowly approached him. His body was clearly tense and his knuckles were white as he held onto the edge of the counter; as though he was trying to hold on for dear life.
He refused to turn towards you. He knew that if he saw your face, he would have no idea how to react. His anger was growing from deep inside and tears were threatening to fall. “Do you think I am a moron?” He asked in a cold voice. You stopped a few feet away from him and stared at his back in confusion. “What are you talking about, Baek? Of course I don’t think you are a moron.” Your voice came out weaker than you had planned on; making your words seem almost insincere. You didn’t think of it like that, but Baekhyun definitely did.
“Then why the hell are you cheating on me?!” He yelled at you. You felt your heart stop as you heard his words. What the hell was he talking about? You wanted to ask him, but you could not find your voice. Baekhyun waited for you to respond, but when you said nothing, he snapped. “That’s what I thought! What’s worse is that you can’t even deny it. Not only did you cheat, but you did cheated on me with my best friend!” He snapped at you. He finally turned to face you and you saw the tears rolling down his cheeks. You could feel your own tears streaming uncontrollably. You wanted to say something. You were dying to say anything but you couldn’t.
Without saying another word, Baekhyun began to walk past you. He made his way towards the door and it wasn’t until he was out of the room that you felt your body thaw. You raced after him; catching him right as he reached the door. Your hand wrapped around his wrist and you were relieved when he didn’t pull away. He stopped in his tracks, still facing the door. “Baekhyun, please listen to me. It is nothing at all what you think. I am not cheating on you.” You explained in a choked up voice. Your hand tightened around his wrist, trying to cling to whatever you could to keep your world from shattering.
“Then what was with all the secret conversations? Why did you constantly try to find alone time with him? Why were you keeping things from me?” He asked, speaking towards the door. You felt a small smile spread across your face. A soft chuckle escaped your lips. You knew that wasn’t what Baekhyun would want to hear, and it wasn’t something that you had meant to do. You quickly spoke, not allowing him time to get mad. “Today is your birthday. Don’t you think your best friend and your girlfriend would have something planned?” Baekhyun slowly turned to look at you. His eyes still held tears as he looked into your eyes.
You could see a look of realization cross his face. You wanted to laugh at the look on his face, but you couldn’t. Now that your sorrow was dissipating, you were beginning to feel your own anger develop. “(Y/N), I am so sorry. It didn’t even occur to me. I am sorry I would think something so horrific.” He began to apologize as he placed his hand on your cheek. You quickly pulled away from him. “You should be sorry. How could you honestly believe that I would cheat on you with Chanyeol? Don’t you trust me at all?” You asked him. His eyes filled with even more remorse as he heard how deeply you were hurt.
This time it was your turn to walk away from him. You walked back to your bedroom. You didn’t want to be mad at him. You really just wanted to move on from this whole terrible misunderstanding, but you couldn’t help but feel hurt at how quickly he could jump to the conclusion that you were cheating. You had been together for almost half a year now. He should have at least some sort of trust in you.
“(Y/N), please, I am sorry. I know you wouldn’t cheat on me. Deep down, I knew that. It was just… it was hard seeing you so close to another guy. I love you more than anything and the thought of losing you to someone else just drove me over the edge. I’m so sorry.” He apologized as he entered the room. He wrapped his arms around you from behind and pulled you tightly against his body. He held you like that for a long moment before you finally turned to face him.
You were going to apologize to him as well; feeling guilty from keeping secrets from him, but before you could, you felt his lips against your own. It was a passionate kiss. The kind of kiss that keeps you grounded while your heart felt as though it was floating on cloud nine. The kind of kiss that was sweet and hot at the same time. The kind of kiss that made time stop around you and made the whole world disappear. The kind of kiss that caused your heart to flutter and your head to spin. But just as soon as it had started, it was over.
“We should get going. I am pretty sure you had a surprise waiting for me.” Baekhyun teased as he took your hand and led you out of the apartment.


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To be completely honest... I wouldn't have trusted myself being so close to Chanyeol either... I mean, Come on! He's a sunshine fluff ball, any woman would fall for him...
a kind of kiss... ive never had 😉😂😂😂😂 I liked it. 😊
AWE! I knew it that she wasn't cheating lol but damn jealous as foo! loo
😢 to 😶
NO NO Don't apologize 😳. I totally understand. I'm just not posting smut at all because well let's just say I have younger siblings who like to go through my apps 😅. So don't apologize. And thanks for understanding! 🤗@AmberFranco
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