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Glamorous Beet Salad
I may not be the most salad kind of guy out there (I love meat!), but I won't dismiss a salad that looks like this! In fact, if the salad that I am served doesn't look like it came from one of those plastic bag varieties at the grocery store, chances are, I will eat it!
This stunning photo shows a beet salad that was created by Matt over at Modern Art Catering. You can reach out to them if you're in the LA area. No doubt, they will give you the absolute best in the culinary experience you are out to achieve.
Please, please, please, partner with a professional and with a caterer who won't serve bagged salad! GROSS!
yum! beet is one of my favourite vegetables!
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ive never tried beets before but this looks super good
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Yay! so glad you guys like this. beets are sweet and fresh tasting @buddyesd
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@marshalledgar I'll try some
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