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Do you think, Smallville paved the way for all the characters above? @buddyesd @boogleman @redapple615 @shannonl5 and the rest of the Vingle community
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i think so
In part I think it did, but I also think that if Marvel didn't have such a financially successful franchise going DC probably wouldn't have stepped up their game. It's always been a competition with those two, and they saw Marvel was going hard and responded in kind
@shannonl5 that's true, the only thing DC really had for a while were the Christopher reeve superman movies and the batman franchise (Keaton to clooney) and then nothing. then the Raimi spiderman movies got the ball rolling for marvel reignited the old rivalry
That is true @shannonl5 now DC and Marvel are competing on the series level. At the moment I would say DC has the most live action shows on at the moment. However Marvel is kicking butt on Netflix
@LAVONYORK for sure and I think DC is actually being really smart about their tv series, they're independent of the movies so if something in the movies happens that fans don't like or changes the universe, the tv shows can keep going as long as the ratings are good