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What are the odds that a pair of gold Versace pumps would match a golden crown by Viktoria Novak? As you can see, the striking match is uncanny!
This card is proof that you can take something that you are ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH that may not be new at all, and can make it work for your perfect wedding day! You don't have to fall into the myth that everything about the wedding needs to be sparkling, brand new.
Instead, go with your gut. Go with what you love. Let your personality direct things. Always be open to new things. Ask questions. When the bride brought in those Versace pumps, she had no idea that Viktoria Novak could create a crown just as spectacular. But the point is, she didn't give up on her dreams. She went with it, believing it to be possible and it all worked out.
Love stories like that! And you should too.