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Hey everyone...Right now I'm going through a lot...And the only thing that is stopping me from ending the mistake of a life, is KPOP. GOT7, BIGBANG, and BTS are the only things of the little things that are keeping me from killing myself. So please help me....I don't think I have anything to live for besides my favorite KPOP groups...I mean...My family is the reason for this and I hate it. The only things that stop me from killing myself is saying that one day GOT7 will love me and be there for me, even though they love all their fans. I'm just saying, that my will to see and be loved by GOT7 is stronger than my will to end this life. Everyday I want to end this stupid life and never see tomorrow... So if you care, please tell me what to do....My mom is most likely taking my phone away from what I did today so I'll try to see what you guys send me, or if you send me something....Sorry for any mistakes in this just like my life, I was just writing my feelings down, and I dare not to go back and look at what I wrote.....I know most of you wouldn't care, but the only thing that is keeping me alive right now is mainly GOT7. Forever an IGOT7...... So yeah, that's all I wanted to say...Not sure if I'd get another chance to say it. Yes I know, the reason I still alive may be stupid to you, but it's not to me and it's the only thing that is keeping me alive. Sorry if this was... disturbing to any of you guys.. Just wanted to get my feelings out there. Please don't think I'm trying to get attention, I just didn't know where to go, so I went here. Sorry....
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We're all here for you! Don't feel like loving something is "weird" because if it makes you happy that's what matters :) it'll all be okay <3
I know that we have never talked before. No matter what, I still see you as family and love you. If there is anything that we can do to help, we'll do it. I have seen this happen to people before. I'm not sure if you're religious but either way I will still pray for you. We all love you here and want to help you push through this hella hard time that your going through. No one should have to go through the consideration of taking their own life. Let the K-Pop outlets help you through this as well. Stay here to watch yourself grow into something greater than you can imagine. Show those hoes that they can't take anything away from you. God bless you and stay strong!
I totally get you but there are so many things to live for. you should try setting a goal like move to korea...or something that makes you get away from those that are hurting you emotionally. Noone should make you feel like you'd be better off dead. kpop is a great way to feel amazing. you can listen to what they say or you can ignore it and just make yourself someone better than they are.
I can relate to you so well. I haven't been feeling like me recently and honestly I just want to end my life so I can stop what I'm feeling. But I'm not because I want to live for the KPOP groups I love and adore. I try to think positive all the time but I swear it's the most hardest thing to do. Please don't end your life. I know we don't know each other but I wish you were my friend and if you were I'd hug you all day hoping it would help. Please don't πŸ’œ
We all understand what you're going through and that might sound like bullshit but it's true. Most of us probably use kpop like it's a happy drug because it makes us happy. So it makes sense that kpop is the only thing keeping you going. You should try and look for more reasons to livr, maybe plan goals that might have to do with kpop. Like where you want to travel in the world or plan to go to concerts, get a good job to earn money so you can afford to go see GOT7 and others. Life is sucks, like a lot but at times it can be the greatest thing ever you just have to figure out those things. Please don't give up, work for your goals and don't hurt yourself no matter how much it hurts. GOT7 and BTS and others would not want you to do that, even if they don't know you they still love you. I wish I knew how to convey this message better but please stay strong. We love you too!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ