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ah~ I've been tagged to do this. haha I have no idea who I'll get shipped with but I guess we shall see!
These are the decent selfies I have on my phone..anyways so then some fun facts about me -I'm 5" 2' -I'm 21, 94 liner~ -I've modeled for random things in the past multiple times -I was in color guard, band, full orchestra, & choir in high school & now I continue to do color guard by writing choreography to Kpop songs -I've never had dance training, but I really wish I had. -I'm from Southern Indiana, but I don't have an accent. probably because my grandma's from Cali -I like cute things but at the same time I like really cool things (but its hard for me to resist cute things like stuffed animals lol) -I'm currently learning Korean -My dream career is to be concert promoter or be involved in the concert industry with a focus in Kpop -If I'm a die hard fan for anything, its Kingdom Hearts -I love Disney & DreamWorks -Music is my life and that's about it that comes to mind at the moment~ So who do you ship me with? I shall tag my taglist so anyone who wants to do this challenge as well have fun & tag me so I can comment ^^ @kpopandkimchi @ARMYstarlight @Michellelbarra @Morganelisabeth @belencitagarcia @baileykayleen @jiyongleo @chelseajay @madandrea @stevieq @kpossible4250 @Vkookie47 @amobigbang @sarahdarwish @sugafree @tracylynnn @Bekikunstman @sharayahtodd @chaerica @prettieeEm @xergaB20 @ilennrocks @tigerlily84 @kpopgaby @keziahwright @creetheotaku @tayunnie @ashleykpop @sarahvandorn @mandynoona @drummergirl691 @katierussell @emilypeacock @sugaontop @thepinkprincess @jinsprincess86 @nell03 @moonchild03 @stephanieduong @aubriepope @hajelf @rainac3 @kchavens09 @saraortiz2002 @taetaebaozi @jojojordy2324 @agentleo @sosoaloraine23 @lexxcisco @emilygardner @lashonda0917 @kwellnitz @nancyvongvilay @annahizaragoza @anniechang1545 @ninjamidori @nenegrint14 @morleecorielus @mrsbangyongguk @edwey66 @amberg171997 @deefran @kyky97 @lolimbetter09 @lilmnm @veronicaartino @vipfreak2ne1 @christianliu @torchix @jungkookie1 @destinabyrd @emealia @jessAS @kellyoconner @itsmari @heidichiesa @cindystran @vixenvivi @aimeeh @kiki29 @roxy1903 @lizanightshade @saraortiz2002
@angiey0222 I agree. I'd ship you with Kris too!
@KeziahWright haha BamBam is too cute ^^ @AubriePope @ChaErica ohh both are really cool! EXO members are cool. @KpopGaby ohh thank you!
Omg you're so cute! hmm I see minhyuk from monsta x
EXO Kris 馃槉馃槉
You are so cute! I would say all the members of got7 or Suga.
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