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I'm not a selfie person I tried my best
Here's some info about me :) 1) I'm 18, born in October of '97 2) I'm a band nerd. I've played clarinet since 4th grade 3) I am going to college to be a music teacher 4) I have two older sisters (I'm the baby) 5) I can be sassy...if the situation calls for it 6) I love dogs 7) I'm about5'2 8) People often think I'm shy, but I'm really not. people just tend to make me anxious, but if you talk to me first I'll talk your ear off :) 9) music is my entire life 10) I Live in Alabama, but I don't have that much of an accent despite my environment That's about all I can think of....I'm curious to see who you ship me with :)
Jackson of Got7 Key of SHINee Dongwoo of infinite Kevin of ukiss Baekhyun of exo
You're adorable! I ship you with Youngjae from got7 😊
VIXX Ken! 😊
@MaggieHolm all are wonderful :)
@AubriePope I'm glad I could help! who would you ship me with?
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