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(Lee Kwang Soo Fan Fiction) 안녕하세요 내 사랑. It's your favorite blue eyed, green eyed, black girl. 저는 Elisha 입니다. Attempting to bring you another "Older than 24 Oppa" fan fiction. LoL I wasn't attempting to make it another member of RunningMan it just sort of happened. So instead of posting my unfinished installment of A Tiger's Stripes I bring you this because I've been randomly working on this and think its a good size. Anywhos I'm rambling. Enjoy.
(Lee Kwang Soo Fan Fiction) A year spent saving up for the big move as well as a year technically single. Plenty thought you cute and were attracted to your determined attitude but you paid them no mind. You had goals to pursue; working hard to earn money to move to Korea and actually learning their language. Dating would only be a distraction. The only distractions you allowed were ones that in the long run benefited you and your goals. You admitted only in the privacy of your own mind that you were lonely and that along the journey of learning Korean you found that talking to a native speaker would force you to use it. There was an phone application that was recommended for communicating to Koreans. You logged on one day and anxiously made friends with as many people that had the description you were looking for: fun ( 장난), nothing seriously, bored, and strictly Korean/Hangul text on their profile. Your chat pal list consisted of a FabiTabs 파비탑스, 민재, 리은, and one you clicked with really fast Asia's Prince. You tried your darnedest to not rely on translator applications or search engines, just your Hangul to English study book and personal notes taken over the year. So far every conversation you shared with any friendly app user was more fluid than you expected. Asia's Prince, however, was the most fun to talk to, you looked forward to messaging him. He most of all appeased the loneliness building from secluding yourself from the world you actually lived in. The questions were never that personal. You weren't trying to get attached, just enjoy each other's time and learn more about the place you had figured would fit you better than your current. You were confident with speaking fluently but once you got to Korea things weren't how you dreamed them. There were plenty of jobs you took that you didn't want to and the only living space you could afford was a rinky-dink apartment complex that couldn't possibly be any further from the subway station and the city. Your luck started to comeback one special day.
Author's Note: All this really randomly came to me. 미안합니다 if it seems a little all over the place. Like I said it came out of nowhere and was just thoughts that popped into my head randomly. I had to jot them down spur of the moment. I organized them as much as possibly and I'm proud of my writers spirit coming back to me. Tune in next time. 'Til then this is your favorite K-Pop/K-World Fandom Trainee, just a trainee. Tomorrow is another day to better, I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해 ❤
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