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Loser has always gotten me right in the heart, and so it's number one on my list. I love the emotion in this song, the meaning in the lyrics, and the devastating beauty in the music video.
Fantastic Baby has always turned heads it seems, mine being no exception. One of the first songs I heard by Big Bang and probably where I met and fell in love with my Ultimate Bias, TOP. His "Wow, fantastic baby.", blue hair, and devilish smirk makes my knees go weak. And who doesn't love a good party tune?
I think this song was playing in my dreams after I first heard it, because you already know it was on repeat every free second I had! TOP and GD are a duo with so much swagger, it seems like no one could compare. Their voices complement each other nicely and that chorus is too catchy not to be on this list.
The only full version video I could find has Spanish subtitles but what's wrong with that, right? This song hit on a personal note and Daesung's vocals have always been in my heart. I love the lyrics, melody, and video. Another song I had on repeat for days to come.
Knowing the story behind this music video and song made it that much more lovely for me. Of all of GDragon's solo career songs, this one I love the most. The beat is lively but, well, crooked. The lyrics hold just the right amount of rebellious angst! I love this song and so it concludes this challenge for me. It was so hard to pick just five because Big Bang is the group who got me into KPop and got me out of my depression. I love everything they've ever done... Also I know I cheated because 3 of these aren't BIG BANG songs but I really thought this list through and these are my most honest answers. I can't really think of any of these boys without the name Big Bang anyway, so isn't it good enough? This lovely challenge was made by @saraortiz2002 in honor of Big Bang's contract coming to a close. She wants to see what songs we VIP's love and I am a VIP so of course I had to do it. Let's hold Big Bang in our hearts while they're gone, even if they're gone for good. ♡♥♡