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Can you smell it....the winds....they are changing!

And so are the seasons :P

And no, I'm NOT talking about the weather!!!

We're almost into the final week of this anime season.

It's been pretty fun -- I only ended up keeping up to date with 3 shows, but I plan to go and binge at least 3 more that aired this season once these are over!!! I'm a bit sad the shows are ending, but the end of one season only means one thing....

...the start of another anime season!!

YAYYYYY!!! Look, no matter how much I love ongoing anime, I love getting new shows, new seasons of old shows, etc etc each season! It's fun being able to find my show of the season, you know?

Follow for updates!

That being said, I'll be doing my usual mass preview cards for the shows that will be starting soon next week, and then I'll be watching the first 1 or 2 episodes of as many shows as possible to do preview cards for them!!!
If you want to follow these updates, you can follow my Spring 2016 Anime collection!!! All cards about things airing in the spring 2016 season will be clipped there!

What shows are you most pumped for?

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Good news @Ritu ! Hunter x hunter is starting back up when bleach concludes!
can't wait for Sinbad no bouken!
I don't think hunterxhunter dropped off in the middle of nowhere
Terraformers : Revenge
@raikage00 yes I hope your right, my life will finnaly be complete, I would kill for a new season