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So I was taged in this so im going to do it yay (i have no idea what im doing )
Now some Stuff about me - Im 16 yr old - Iove Fashion design - Im a high schooler 11th grade - im trying my best to learn Korean - im from Dallas tx - I got to school call Sunnyvale high school in Sunnyvale - I have some friend who are none Kpop people but that not going to stop me - my dream is to become a fashion designer - I always wanted to go to londen - Love video game - Im kind shy when it come to people but in reality Im a talkative person a bit crazy I think and im not a feared to speck my mind - Im 5'3 - im a sucker for older guys like they kind the same age as me but older. - I love cute guys with/without ABS
Im done so who do you think ü should ship with comment down below
@desesoray @AubriePope Oh my. my other bias
I'm feeling bambam from got7 :)
I'm thinking Zelo from B.A.P cause he's young but older than you and he can be shy and out going. or Taeyang from BIGBANG. He's older, likes wearing different things and is shy when put on the spot and shy around girls.
I'm feeling Jimin since you're both so cute. Hes not afraid to show off so I think he would love to wear the clothes you designed for him.
Yay My bias