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Sounds like a simple question, huh? Well, it's not that simple. I'll leave it to Ryan Gosling to explain this simple yet difficult question.

Ryan: I hate asking Rachel what she wants to eat.

Ryan: She can never make up her mind.

Ryan: And when I finally make a great suggestion...

Ryan: This was her response.

Ryan: I tried to make things crystal clear and asked her again...

*praying this would be the last time I ask this dreadful question*

Ryan: Nope, it failed. Rachel can't make up her mind.

1 hour later.

Conclusion: If you're dating -- just choose something. If you're married -- make a meal plan.

I'm guilty of this. I'm a picky eater and I have a hard time deciding what I want to eat. When I was dating my husband we only met a couple times a month, so we didn't have this problem because we had an idea where to meet up to grab a bite. Now that we're married, we see each other everyday and deciding a meal on the spot is pretty tough. We figured we should make a meal plan because it normally takes us an hour to get dinner planned. He normally arrives home by 6:30pm and I arrive home by 7:00-7:30pm. But we don't have dinner until 9pm because it takes us way too long to solidify our meal preference. This is our current schedule: We decide a weekly meal together. He usually starts cooking at 7pm. I try to make it back home by 7:15pm to help out. Meal is ready by 8pm. We love this plan and it leaves us less frustrated. (when I'm hungry...I get grumpy).
there is more complicated things to think than what to eat issue in couple life. make it simple,for example, today we eat my favorite food, tomorrow is your turn..or you can get sushi while he can have noodles.
Meal plan sounds GREAT (especially if your husband is a good cook!)
I love this! we're definitely in the "I'll have whatever you want" couple and we usually just stand outside of restaurants forever being like "do you want to go here? i dont care we can go somewhere else what do you want..." ITS THE WORST hahahahha
@atmi Definitely. We try to consider what we both like!