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After living by himself for many years, Lee Jong Seok has learned how to cope being alone with his television set. On June 4, Lee Jong Seok appeared as a guest on SBS’ Incarnation, where he revealed that with his TV, he can do everything. "I’ve been living alone for eight years now. I’ve lived alone since high school because I came up to Seoul by myself to become an actor. I used to not be able to sleep at night because I was afraid of the dark, so I started changing my life pattern,” said Lee Jong Seok on living alone. Lee Jong Seok added that he’s gotten used to living alone and loves being at home, doing things without caring about what other people think. He said that his friends now call him a hermit. When asked what he does at home, Lee Jong Seok said he watches television and just rests as if it’s his vacation. Home has become so comfortable for the actor that even going out to meet his friends has become a schedule for him. “I love TV. I decided to become an actor because I loved watching dramas, and there are so many things you can do indirectly through TV,” explained Lee Jong Seok. He engages in conversation with female actresses in dramas to practice acting. When he wants to date, he watches match-making programs like Couples (Jjak), and when he wants to travel, he watches The Laws of the Jungle. The MCs were quite shocked at Lee Jong Seok’s unique hobbies that MC Kim Gura suggested that Lee Jong Seok appear on tvN’s Martian Virus. Credit: enews This dork.... lol
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