What is Inside the Music?

This is a series I created to inform people about non-title tracks of groups that they may be interested in. Basically, it is me making suggestions on songs that aren't so easily consumed without some research or buying the album (which you wouldn't do if you didn't know if you liked the group). Depending on the length of each artist's discography, the number of songs recommended will range from 3-10 most likely but that isn't set in stone (especially if a group has a ton of albums). Also, this is heavily based on my tastes which could vary from yours cause we are all human and like different stuff, but I try to describe the style of song so that you get the vibes of what your getting into and if it is something you can get behind.

Who are we highlighting today?

Meet the boy group Boys Republic. They are a 5 member k-pop male group under Universal Music which consists of OneJunn, Suwoong, Sunwoo, Minsoo, and Sungjun. They debuted in 2013 with the song Party Rock, and have had 6 singles in total:
전화해 집에 (Party Rock)
넌 내게 특별해 (You're Special To Me)
Video Game
예쁘게 입고 나와 (Dress Up)
진짜가 나타났다 (The Real One)
They have released two mini albums, Identity (2013) and Real Talk (2014), and two single albums, 예쁘게 입고 나와 (Dress Up) [2014] and Hello (2015).

My Familiarity Level: 2/10

I have listened to Real Talk recently, so that I know, and I am quite a fan of their single Hello (although I can't include it because it is a title track even though there is a loop hole here) but for the most part, I am not well acquainted with their sound so I was listening to everything with pretty fresh and unbiased ears.
Below are the non-title tracks that stuck out to me.

I'm Ready (Intro)

Album: Identity
If this was the first thing I heard without hearing anything else, just downloading the album and pressing play on track 1, I would have been heavily impressed. The softness of the vocals mixed with the loud synth (and the fantastic piano intro) is really pleasing to the ear. It is really simple, yet is done in a way that is really well made, making the simplicity not seem cheap.
If you enjoy a calming dance beat with an ethereal feel, this is for you.
My only issue is that it is an introduction and only clocks in at a 1:45.


Album: Identity
Man, this song has a groove. This is a really funky track that somehow has the perfect blend of 1. verses that are mainly raps but they don't feel forced 2. a pretty bizarre back track that doesn't take away from the vocals too often and 3. a catchy and funky as hell chorus. Now, technically, this song has a music video, but it doesn't count as a single because the boys released it as a Christmas gift for their fandom, Royal Family and not really as a comeback. But the little mv is cute as hell.
If you enjoy pretty easy listening that you can bob your head to, this might be for you.

Special Girl

Album: Identity
I almost didn't include this song because I kind of feel a little guilty for digging it as much as I did. But you know what, I disclaimer-ed already that this was pretty much my opinion, and I'm sticking to my guns. This song is hella laidback and doesn't have too much vocalization singing wise. There is minor singing obviously, but it's mostly either chanting or rap and somehow it works. The chorus is really catchy and bizarre. What I think I enjoyed the most is the unexpected joy this song gave me. It is cute and charming as hell. It was used as the b-side to their debut single Party Rock and I think that would have worked well since it didn't have the hectic backtrack like Party Rock.
If you enjoy...I don't even know. Just try and trust me. If it's not your thing, sorry.

인형 (Like A Doll)

Album: Real Talk
The chorus is really really great. This song is really laid back and has a really groovy, smooth guitar really low register in the back that just sounds awesome. I am coming to find that despite some of ones I consider flukes that I enjoy (I'm looking at you Special Girl), I mostly enjoy when they strip back their sound a little and rely on the fluidity and sweetness of their vocals.
If you enjoy a more laid back lounge sound that is lead by vocals, this might be for you.


Album: Real Talk
This is probably my favorite non-title song I heard. The sound is really mature, and whoever arranged this song is really musically gifted. Nothing is too severe in the background which really lets you focus on how well these guys really sing together, and even when they do breakdown, it is vocal free and isn't very long. I think what I find so pleasing about this song is how well everyone fits together vocally, and everyone, even the rappers who I sometimes don't favor in other songs by them, really shine to their full extent. I'm sorry I'm doing such a crap job of describing this one musically, I just really hope you give it a listen.
If you enjoy great vocal performance and music in general, you'll like this.


Album: Hello
Alright, so I might be cheating. But I do want to highlight the acoustic version of this song because their voices don't feel altered at all (there is a slight filter on them in the original version) and the simplistic acoustic guitar fits so well with this song. This is such an easy listen, and what kills me in the melancholy which is heightened by the acoustic version.
If you enjoy me cheating, then enjoy this beautifully sad song.

So What Have We Learned:

I enjoy Boys Republic when they aren't too bogged down by the heavy electronic sounds in the back because I really enjoy these guys' vocals together. The majority of the songs I included on this list are groovy and slower, but they do have songs that are more beat driven and dance heavy, I just didn't highlight those because I find that just a bit too hectic and also their title songs cover that base pretty well.
Hopefully you all enjoyed Boys Republic and I have piqued your interest in them! They are pretty underrated, and from what I can tell, they are very talented boys who deserve your love and affection!
What are your favorite non-title or title tracks by Boys Republic?
Do you agree/disagree with my choices?
*none of these videos or photos are mine, and I apologize if some of my facts are wrong, hopefully my research proves accurate
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