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I got mark, its so true, im known as the quiet one but ny friends know im real jumpy, the outside to people is quiet and shy or mean. Either one they see me as just shy and obseverant which i am, i think a lot but some people say im scary like, guess my eyebrows make it that way. Sorry cant change my facial features i was born with it
You got: Junior! Much like Junior, you are intelligent and thoughtful. You can be silly or sexy or serious when you need to be. Your talents stretch far and wide, and people admire you for that. Keep killin’ it, you’re a rockstar.
I got Jackson! Obviously!
I got Jr.
You got: BamBam! Like BamBam, you can be a bit mischievous! You love goofing around and you’re always smiling. People tend to feel like they need to take care of you, and often say you’re like a younger sibling to them! lets be the evil maknae duo together lol XD