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^^ ( One of my pictures I take way to many pictures of the sky my nickname at work is sky xD) Anyway @elleholley and @twistedPuppy have tagged me in this so I figured why not? Thank you guys for tagging me.
* I am a single mother of two beautiful little girls who drive me crazy, but I wouldn't change it for the world. * I am 23 born in December 92. * I love to take pictures mainly of nature and the sky which I basically keep to myself. * I'm 5'8" * I love to laugh and probably laugh at the most inappropriate times. I even laugh when someone is trying to make me angry. * It take a lot to make me mad, but once I'm mad you better leave me alone I can be quite mean when I'm angry.
* I have a freckle under my eye in the shape of a heart. * I hate having the same hair color for long periods of time I always feel like I have to dye it. Also it can't only be one color. * Halloween is my favorite time of year so I tend to go all out. * I am very protective of everyone I care about.
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@Sammie99522 first off he loves kids! Secondly he seems like you all would love together forever
@Sammie99522 perfect fit
@jessicalnichols Awe thank you I didn't even think about that
@AubriePope 💗 Awe well I do love Suga since he is my bts bias well him and v 😁