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Before idol group BEAST performed their comeback stage, they have won first on top ranked music program with only their digital source released. On the 8th of June, through the live broadcast of MBC ‘Show! Music Core’, BEAST beat off Lee Hyori’s ‘Bad Girl’, and CL’s ‘Bad Girl’, and won the number 1 title. The results was surprising as BEAST sow this results without an official comeback. ‘Will You Be Alright’ was released on the 29th of May. Composed and penned by member Yong JunHyung, the song expresses the worried heart of a man after breaking up with his lover. BEAST will be making a comeback in July with a new album, once again undergoing activities since their last comeback 10 months ago. On this day, the members of BEAST expressed their thoughts through a video, “We didn’t expect this. Thank you for giving us such hot support” and “We will be making a comeback soon, so please anticipate.” Source: OSEN
That's amazing :) I like Beast's music too so happy that they won ^^
I was really surprised when I heard the news since they won even before the album is released. Good job Beast ^^