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On his Instagram page, the 19-year-old shared a pic of a lone beige-colored bra sitting onstage while thousands of girls scream in the background. His caption for the lingerie photo? "I guess everyone grows up."
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@blairwitme I've heard about that one incident in which his goons took one photographer's camera and had its memory card removed. what a punk!
@blairwitme @shoenami No arguments here. He's such a douchebag and still so young. So either he's going to get a whole lot worse or his whole little "empire" is just going to crash.
@YinofYang @shoenami this is one good example of self-destruction! he's bringing this to himself
@blairwitme @YinofYang he's all about "swag" and bragging these days, nothing else, that's a perfect recipe for a downward spiral
@blairwitme @shoenami Oh, yes. Downward spiral for sure!