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안녕하세요 내 사랑. Its your favorite blue eyed, green eyed, black girl. 저는 Elisha 입니다 AKA ENF2. When I first got on this app I didn't make an intro card because I was skeptical and unsure if I'd actually like Vingle. For the life of me I can't remember how I got on this app.. possibly had something to do with All K-Pop and trying to get the latest updates on my biases. Anywhos to the good stuff. (The Good stuff being my bio cuz I like talking about myself, or rather explaining myself but who doesn't?)
Born to a Mommy and Daddy 24 years ago(Aren't I Cute). I have and older brother and a younger sister. I'm the middle child and there's drama and issues and weirdness that comes with being a middle child. A Pisces, which technically makes me a "cry baby", or rather emotional, I just recently had a birthday. (its still Pisces Season) I'm 92 line, year of the monkey so this is my year. I live in New Orleans aka the place with the least amount of K-Pop merch ever. Those cats in the pic aren't mine but I wish they were. They kinda represent my current image now though.
My Older "Cousin" now titled Nae Eonni introduce me to K-Pop around April - May of 2015 so I feel I'm still fairly new in the game. The first group that she introduced me to that stuck was BigBANG with the MV for Bad Boy (at the time I wasn't really paying attention and thought TaeYang was a rapper because of his strong HipHop look in the video) I think EXO Call Me Baby dancing stuck in my head second. I love on point sync dancing. The first song she got to stick to me was subgroup INFINITE H - Without U. I wasn't trying to get into K-Pop then. I wasn't into much of anything back then. I had just finished a 2 year long self-discovery journey. I had finally learned to love me, but hadn't found where I left my passion. I was just appeasing her enthusiasm because I had agreed to be the fourth wheel(cuz a car needs 4 wheels to function properly) on a trip to the ATL, to an Amoeba Culture Concert. I really felt out of the loop the entire time. They roadtrip was filled with good songs I just didn't know. The conversations about people and shows I wasn't yet into. But I faked it til I made it. 3 days of faking it. After the trip I put a little more effort into learning about K-Pop. And fell in love with fairly new group GOT7. I feel they were still rookies in July 2015. I purchased my first merch at an anime convention and I was only attracted to the booth because they were playing a song I despised at the time. Mamacita by Super Junior (I don't hate the song anymore, without it I wouldn't have the GOT7 and EXO posters and the BigBANG mini cards I have now.) Those purchases sealed the deal i got way into GOT7. watch every episode of Real GOT7 feel in love with RunningMan and was introduced to many more artist through that variety show and Pandora the music app. That was my lazy way of learning K-Pop, it and screenshots of what I listened to really helped me learn. I step on Nae Eonni's toes quite a few with my bias picks and that's where my profile bio comes from Stealing Biases since July 2015. LoL.
a few of my bias and bias groups: Rain and KimJongKook are on Ultimate Bias level (Dream Goals is to marry one of them) GOT7 (of course) -Jr. is my bias (He is my Everything) -JB is my number 2 - And the rest are my children B.A.P -Bang YongGuk is Oppa -Zelo is our child -HimChannie Oppa is my number 2 -JongUp was my secret until right now. BigBANG -I thought T.O.P was my bias -Then I thought TaeYang was my bias - Then I thought Daesung was my bias - I have no BigBANG bias and I'm fine with that.. I love them all pretty equally, well equally enough to not have a bias VIXX (They are my heart) -Ken is bias been bias since day one even with the whole #NoonaDenial (don't wanna be a noona) - N speaks to my dancer soul -Hyukkie is My Nose I love that maknae (I guess I might as well talk about all of them now. since I just had to mention MyNose) -Hongbin was never on my radar and I didn't understand how he was the visual until I fell in love with his character Wang ChiAng in Moorim -Ravi was bias potential at one point I find I'm fond of deep voices and Rappers once I got into K-Pop. Also I read this one fan fiction and caught some feelings.. I blame the writer but Ken is still my one and only -My quiet, beautiful smile Leo (the ones that rarely smile have the most beautiful ones, I've noticed in this K-Pop world.) EXO Kai (Dance is life and love, that's how he trapped me) my number one from day one.. -recently D.O(My Squishy) , Sehun(My SassyPants) and frustratingly enough Tao(-.- Wae?) have gotten onto bias list. Curse this Maknae, NonOppa, Line all are #NoonaDenial BTS -RapMonster since day one.. -But since I got on Vingle fricking Jimin been creeping and lurking and been full of a gorgeous jawline and I can't with the jawline.. and then he be taking of his shirt so much and junk and. I cant. SHINee (is definitely a bias group) -no real bias.. not really. love them all so much but I used to claim Taemin for a point partially cuz his Bestie is Kai and the both dance brilliantly -used to very little claim Minho cuz jawline, manly physic, and watch him a lot on everything, Variety shows and dramas -claimed JongHyun a little too cuz his voice and solo stuff is heaven. 2PM (when I typed manly earlier I thought of them) -1st bias was WooYoung -then Jun. K or Chansung (can't remember which order but it was both.) -now it like BigBANG love them all pretty equally SEVENTEEN Jeonghan (Nuff said) Other Biases (I won't explain for now) Jang DongWoo(INIFINITE) Jung YongHwa (CNBlue/YouAreBeautiful/RunningMan) Lee HongKi (FTIsland/YouAreBeautiful) Kim SooHyun (Dream High) Seo KangJoon (5uprise/CunningSingleLady/CheeseInTheTrap)
Since I really emersed myself into K-Pop I've gotten into sharing my love experience with YouTube. Not Saying I'm popular or that you should subscribe just sharing this bit of knowledge about myself and this crazy obsessive journey I'm going on.
outside of K-Pop: -I love working out.. I just am really lazy sometimes but the feeling after a workout is sensational. -I love nature and raking pix of it as well at the sky aka God's Art. I'm appreciative and religious in that way... these things should very be cherished. -I'm learning bit by bit Korean. -I get cold easily, I was once anemic but I've been successfully able to give blood 3 times since that diagnosis. -I love giving blood, you know you save 2 lives every time you do. I like being a superhero in that way. -I love sweets can't live without them. - Enjoy the thought of calling someone Oppa ^.^
Well that's enough about me for this card. Told you I like explaining myself. Any question please feel free to ask em in any format you like. Please know that I will decide if they are worth answering though ;p Until next time. This is your favorite K-Pop/K-World Fandom Trainee, just a trainee, Elisha aka ENF2. Today is another day to do better, I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해 ❤
even with out the contacts you still beautiful, I'm gonna download that app
not my real eyes @Jinnyrod3 and YouTube Learn Korean Videos, books (Korean For Dummies, Essential Korean), Memrise app and like the character in the story I jot down notes from the things i already mentioned Nae Eonni and here on vingle.
are those your real eyes? they're so cook
anyways, how are u learning korean