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Not that I think anyone noticed but I need all the support I can get right now so I'm about to make a pretty selfish card...
This Tuesday I went to work like normal but I came home to an empty house... empty in the sense that I came home to find my husband had packed his things and left a note.... a note to say good bye... He left... and I've been a wreck. He apparently decided that I didn't create a home as good as being in his hometown did... and that he had changed. He's done this before and I've chased after him but this time.... I just couldnt... maybe I was tired of being the only one that fought for what we had... and I felt like a fool.
I found myself alone because my closest family is 6 hours away and I haven't lived in NC long enough to make any close friends.... I asked my partner at work not to talk about it and I struggled through the work days without a tear dropping. Yesterday my work mom asked me about my husband and instead of words tears just flowed from my eyes and I was glad it was her. She comforted me and assured me I had a family at work. She gave me cookies and it was incredibly needed. The first hug I've had since he left... Now just a few more days and my best friends from high school are driving down to provide support in the best way they can and I'm very happy but in the mean time I'm feeling extremely vulnerable and I may not be as active here. I don't even know why I feel sorry about that... but here's to recovering and here's to finding a way to love myself and love being by myself as I know it's possible...
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@shannonl5 I mean besides the obvious part that's the hardest to deal with... but overall I'm starting to realize some of the benefits and hopefully already starting to come out better than ever.
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@MaighdlinS <3 you're a very resilient person
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@shannonl5 I guess I have my mother and my past life experiences to thank for that. still hard but I can proudly say that I still went to work this entire week and even though I was pretty spacey I got all of my work finished. I spent a large portion of my life relying on the little things to make me happy... now I just have to go back there for a bit. I'm surprisingly not too bad at it.... but I have a great work family
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@MaighdlinS I'm sorry that has happened to you but I'm really encouraged by your positive attitude and still show up for work despite the discomfort you had in your heart. I want to give you a big hug and say "hang in there girl, the storm will eventually pass."
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@cindystran thank you. I've tried really hard to stay positive about it and some of the people close to me help me with that... others not so much... I've only been able to get one hug since that day so I'd love one lol...can't tell you how many acquaintances I've just about nearly hugged in desperate need of affection....
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