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THIS IS TOO FUNNY! and yes, I'll take this guy, not so bad at all! Lol The radio show Mojo in the Morning team enlisted a young tax accountant named Doug, whom they said "looks 80 percent like Ryan Gosling! They then sent him to wander around the city and pop into a Starbucks or two, while their cameras rolled. Let's just say their plan was a success. In what appears to be no time flat, Doug was surrounded by women, as you'll see in the video titled "Lyin' Gosling." And those women were giggling, flirting, kissing him on the cheek, and fanning themselves to cool down from the rush of meeting "'The Notebook' star.
XD @oj1992 @blairwitme don't you see that?XD
@blairwitme hahaha. @shoenami tks.
@oj1992 @blairwitme well, you know, Ryan is Ryan.. and right! he has this certain charm plus he has this awesome humor too!
@shoenami hhmm yes Ryan has that mysterious charm? @oj1992 is right SPILL! what is it about him?
@shoenami may I know what's the something ? : )
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