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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It's seldom that you'll walk into a clothing store and not spot a handful of mannequins. I always wondered why all mannequins were the same size? A rather unrealistic, image if you ask me.
Well, it turns out that I'm not the only one who felt some type of way when it came to the physical appearance of those figurines placed within the windows and on the floors of department stores. Pro Informs is a swiss-based charity organization for the disabled who decided to get people thinking deeper than the norm.
Two years ago, the organization decided to celebrate International Day of People With Disabilities by creating a set of mannequins that happened to resemble the disabled.
The campaign “Because Who is Perfect? Get Closer”, depicted people with five different disabilities including scoliosis, a woman in a wheelchair and people with shortened limbs.
While this would be an eye opener to people all over, the production graced the main shopping street in Zurich. The point of this specific project was not only to create awareness when it comes to those with disabilities, but also to remind people that people is not 'one look fits all'.
Everyone is different and different is beautiful. Keep scrolling to check out footage from the project below.

Because who is perfect anyway?

How amazing is this project?
This is good. Really good. I like how they represent everyone.
Absolutely fantastic!
Super cool for sure! More people need to be made aware beauty is universal @buddyesd
wow this is cool
well said @jlee37 I love this so much as well
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