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Quench your thirst.

While we all know how beneficial water consumption is for your skin, there happens to be a new water on the market that caters to all your specific beauty needs. Introducing beauty water, better known as the water that comes a slew of both health and beauty benefits.
Some of these you may already be familiar with while some may be completely new, but nonetheless, these waters might just be worth the dollar, dollar bills y'all. If you sound even the slightest bit interested, keep scrolling to see just how beauty water might benefit you according to Byrdie.

Type Of Water: Maple Water

Health Benefits: Contains 46 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while aiding in controlling blood sugar levels.
'While the claims that drinking maple water will ease muscle soreness and reduce fatigue remain unsubstantiated, we’ll still drink it for the subtly sweet taste (it really just tastes like water, but really delicious water) and its low sugar content (5 grams).'

Type Of Water: Chlorophyll Water

Health Benefits: Aides in curbing appetite, increasing ones energy and improving digestion
'Studies show chlorophyll water is legitimate. Drinking the green H2O will stabilize your blood sugar, helping you control cravings. And it's calorie-free.'

Type Of Water: Rose Water

Health Benefits: Releases stress, hydrates skin while keeping it young and supports the digestive system.
'While there are plenty of studies on the rose petals and the many beauty benefits they offer, the benefits of sipping on the floral water have not backed up by science (yet). If you like drinking things that taste like your skincare products, bottom's up.'

Type Of Water: Hydrogen Water

Health Benefits: increase energy, lower levels of fatigue, ease hangovers, allergies, and jet lag, fight inflammation, and improve circulation.
'There are more studies that need to be done to verify all of the claims, but research does show that drinking hydrogen-rich water can prevent metabolic syndrome and the symptoms associated with it, like obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension, and high cholesterol.'

Type Of Water: Birch Tree Water

Health Benefits: detoxifies and heals while lowering cholesterol and supporting the liver.
'It’s the lighter version of maple water (which is the lighter version of coconut water), and like the rest, there aren’t any studies to confirm the benefits. But it’s refreshing and hydrating, and the extra electrolytes can’t hurt.'

Have you tried any of the above waters?

Would you be interested in trying any?
i had seen chlorofil water, in a natural medicine store. I tried it, it has a taste of mint
Didn't know beauty water exist. But that's something i really need to try!
I'm actually in the process of adding yummy fruits to my water so it tastes pretty @jordanhamilton! I should put it in a bottle too ;)
Extremely pretty!!! I need to know if they taste as pretty lol@nicolejb
Dang! waters are so pretty!
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