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Museums and spring just go hand in hand.

If you have the right company along your side, museums can be a lot of fun. Don't get me wrong, going to your favorite museum solo dolo is still worth it -- but two is always better than one. Whether you're going to the fashion museum or the art museum, you'll gain both inside and a new perspective on beauty.
The main thing is knowing how to dress when museum hopping. You don't want to be too cas, but you don't want to look like you're going to the Met Gala either. In this case, you want to be comfortable yet cute -- which should honestly be everyday. While you'll be feasting your eyes on the masterpieces around you, you'll want to be seen as a masterpiece as well. If you're planning a trip to the museum sometime this spring and aren't too sure what to wear, keep scrolling and check out three perfect museum looks below.

Museum Look #1:

Quite possibly my favorite out of the three, this look is chic-cas. Not too formal, yet not too laid back. The lace trimming on the dress brings a sense of femininity to the look alongside the pink nail polish. The leather jacket and boots bring out the edge and the hat adds a boho feel.

Museum Look #2:

The jumpsuit, my go-to outfit on anyway. The denim gives the jumpsuit a more casual feel while the hat and boots bring the entire look together which screams boho all day. Perfect to wear to the museum on a warm spring day.

Museum Look #3:

The most casual of the three, this look is for that woman who likes to be stylish yet laid back. You can never go wrong with flannel, boyfriend jeans and a cute pair of boots.

Which look would you gravitate towards first?

Remember, you're going to the museum.
yes the first is very my type love it.
I love that combination!!! Mixing and matching is always a plus in my book @jlee37
I'm gonna mix em up: black jacket from #1, lipstick and black boots from #2, jeans and shirt from #3
@jordanhamilton that's my way personally!
Casual is always great in my opinion. The more comfortable the better @nicolejb
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