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So, @MadAndrea made a card a few (like six)hours ago about helping out a fellow Vingler, so I made this card! This is for @TaehyungV, you got this, girl!☆
I'm not very good at pep-talks (and I hope I'm not too late to help get your spirits up) but, honestly, you're precious c':
Alright, so, I'll dive right in, I suppose. ^.^ I can't say that I know what you're going through. But I REALLY hope, if I can, that I'd help you feel even a little better. It sucks to feel like there's only a tiny thread to hold on to, (:c...) But you are a tough Cookie, I mean, you've come this far, no?^.^ I know I'm just a stranger, and my words may just seem too vague, or kinda meaningless, but you are fellow ARMY and as such, we already have a sort of bond (I hope) c: (I'm sorry for the short-ness/ lack of vocabulary, but I'm tired, and sleepy /.\)
So, smile, precious! Keep fighting c: (It's totally worth it, I mean, just look at this precious alien^^^) Dont ever forget that your Vingle family appreciates and unconditionally loves you♡
P.s. OMG, that card for Hoseok♡♡♡ THANK YOU!! (I feel bad for not making one for him T ^ T)