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I am packing my bags to go to Seungri's house. I am still numb of the fact that i will be in one house with two most gorgeous men. I still cant believe that im actually doing this. "Are you sure about this?" Tony asked. "What can i do?" "Just say no" "I cant do that, Tony. They are my trainers. Plus they older than me." "Man, Korea is weird. Awsome but weird. Ok fine. Here, you will definitely need all of these" I grab the box and opened it. My eyes popped open. It was a red sexy silk panty with bra. I grabbed the box and started smacking Tony with it. Tony only giggled and ran out of my room. *this punk* I put the box inside the closet. Then my phone rang. "Hello" "Dont forget the cuffs!" "What cuffs? Tony what the hell your talking about?" "Look under your pillow" I walk towards my bed and lift the pillow. And theres i saw a black furry handcuffs. "Yaaa... Tony im going to kill you" "No you wont. You will enjoy that shit" "Tony, when ever i see your face. You better watch yourself." "Ok shutting up. Bye" He quickly disconnected the phone call. Like seriously.. can my life get better. Then then phone rang again. "What Tony!!" "Who's Tony..." "Ohhh im sorry, Jiyong. I thought you was my roommate." "Ahhh, well your ready?" "Yes. What time you coming.?" "Im actually here." "Ok. be right downstairs." I look at myself in the mirror, amd took three long breaths. Then i grab my bags and left. As i go downstairs, Jiyong runs towards me and grabs one of my bags. Then he gives me a sweet dorky smile. I smile back, and yup like always he tends to melt me down. We both climbed in the car. Jiyong starts driving to Seungri's house. "We had permission to extend the concert two weeks ahead, cuz of his injury. So everyone has a week off." "That's good. It will give them a brake." I smile at him and he giggles. Then he pats my head. "Cuteee!!" He said. My heart, i swear im going to die in this house. We arrive inside the house. We brought all our stuff inside. Seungri was in the living room playing video games. Typical. Then he saw us and slowly stands amd walked in front of us. Jiyong quickly walks towards Seungri. Seungri put his arm around his neck and they both smile. *Damnnn youuu nyongtory* But the other hand, Jiyong is one caring person. "So J.J. you will get the quest room, and ill stay with Seungri. Sounds good.?" *Yes yes yes* "ya its ok. i will be heading towards my room. ill help you with the bags as you take Seungri to the room." I quickly went to grab my bags and went upstairs to the quest room. I placed them on top of the bed. I let a long breath as i am glad to not share rooms with none of them. Then i saw the boys walking towards thier room. I place Jiyongs bag inside. "Hey you guys, i was thinking..tomorrow lets have a small cook out. Lets invite all the boys." Seungri said. "Sounds good to me. J.J can cook good" "Sure, i got no problem to cook. So thay means, i am going to sleep. Boys have a good night" "Good night" They both said it at the same time.
Seungri J.J left my room and went to his room. Then Jiyong stands and took my hand. "Come on. lets shower before bed." I grabbed his hand and we both walk inside my bathroom. As i took off my shirt, Jiyong hands flickers on my pants. I look at him as he unbottons my jeans, then i hear the zipper going down. He slowly puts my jeams down. He stands and looks at me. I had to smile. This innocent guy is not that innocent, he is one dangerous man with full of tricks. He turns on the shower and let the warm water hit my body. As i relax i felt Jiyong rubbing my back with soap. I moan to how good it feels. Then Jiyong hugs me behind. "Do you have any idea how scared i was when i had to take you to the hospital. I thought i lost you." I grabbed his hand and held it tight. I didnt cared thaybwe are both naked, but i turn around and i hugged him. "Im sorry, Jiyong. Just alot its going in. I lost control" Then we both finish ourself up and went to bed. We stayed in our boxers. As we laid down, i couldnt resist it. I cuddle myself into him. Jiyong has been aroumd with in mu goods amd bad times. I wamr to tell him of how i feel for J.J. Maybe tomorrow. Then a deep sleep came upon me.
The sun shinning through my face. I hug the pillow and breath in the fresh air. My hair all over mu face.Yes, this feels good, even the bed was paradise. Its 7am, and i want to do the boys a tasty breakfast. I went to tje barhroom and wash my face and brush my teeth. Then i walk towards the boys room, just to see if they are asleep. I slowly opened the door, as i peek inside. I saw them all cuddles up. *what a beautiful sight* I closed the door and left to the kitchen. I opened the fridge, and then a maid walks towards me. "Is there anything you need sir?" "No sweety, but i need you to do one thing for me" "Sure" I grab a piece of paper and start writing down food and thinfs i need to cook for the cook out. Then j gave it to the maid. "Go to the market and grab all these things, and here is the card to pay them" "Yes sir." She left to the market and i started to do breakfast. As i finished, i noticed that the boys are still sleeping. I go uostairs and open the bedroom door. "Boys, get up!" Nothing. "You guys get up.. come one breakfast is ready." Nothing. Ugh.. fine i got a way to wake these boys up. I clear my throat.. i smile and just imagine of how they will react. .


Jiyong and Seungri both jumped and Jiyong falls to the floor and Seungri stands up straight. They both look at me with the most pale face ever. I laughed my ass off. Till i got tiny tears on my eyes. Then they both relaxed amd let a huge breath out. Seungri sank himself to the bed and Jiyong laid back on the floor and cover his eyes with his hands. The fact that i dont care that thier on thier boxers, but seeing them freak out like that, kills. "You guys have five minutes to come down to eat breakfast" As i walk away to exit the room, all i can here is them grunting. I giggle and left with a huge smile. Then a few minutes Seungri comes downstairs, his hair a little mess with a white tank top and shorts. As i serve his food, Jiyong comes down. *Ohh myyy lordd. Why G, just why* Jiyong comes downstairs as the same way he woke up. He comes downstairs with his hair all over the place, his face still sleepy and with just boxers on. I blush. Then he sats down amd put his head down in the table. I rub his hair and i giggle. He moans. "J.J, why .. just why?" "Stop whinning.. here" I place his breakfast in front of him and he saw the plate. His eyes glitter. "This look so good" The boys and I start eating. I finisjed first and saw how they are taking there time and savoring their food. As i stand the maid returns with everything i asked for. *Damn the bitch is fast* "Whats all this?" Seungri asked. "For the cookout silly." "You can definitely cook, huh" "Just wait and see" The boys laughs and then they finish up. The maid starts to clean up. "Alright Seungri maybe you can help me our with cutting some vegetables and Jiyong." Jiyong looks at me and give me the most puppy eyes I've ever seen. "You may go to sleep. But when i wake you up, dont complain" "Goodnight" Jiyong runs upstairs to sleep as Seungri walks towards me as i take tje vegetables out. "Seungri,, cut it this way and then that way" "Ok. And what me to do all of them." "Yes, please." We both starting to cut and cut. We put music and we both started to act like idiots. We sang and Seungri used a carrot as his microphone. *Silly boy* Then all of a sudden i cut myself. I quickly dropped the knife and saw where i got cut. I started bleeding. Then out of nowhere, Seungri grabs my finger and stick it in his mouth. *Ohhh my world, what he... gasp* Seungri then takes me to the bathroom and sat me down on the toilet seat. Then he opens a first kit and wash the cute and placed a bandaid on cut. He looks worried. I smile at his worriness. So i grabbed his hand and hold it tight. He looks at me. "im ok, Seungri. its just a small cut. Im used to them." Seungri then grabs me and hugs me tight into his arms. I hug him back, and feel warm all over again. This guy right here, just amazing. Then as he pulls away and looks at me. I look into his eyes and then i see him coming closer. I couldnt move, im frozen. But at the same time i dont want to move. I saw his lips, and i want to taste them. I want to feel those lips attach to mines. Then his lips touches mine gently. He then backs away and smiles. I blush *sucks to be woman* Seungri and I went back to the kitchen like nothing happens. We ended up finishing up the food preparation. "Go wake up Jiyong. Everyone will be coming in two hours. While you do that im going to set up the grill" "ok" I walk upstairs to Seungri's room... but its empty. Then i heard little snores coming from my room. I open the door and i saw Jiyong sleeping on my bed. The way he is sleeping... ohhh the cuteness. The blanket is wrapped around him and all you see is his crazy wild hair all over my pillow. As i walk inside, i closed the door behimd me. Then i crawl myself into the bed next him. I didnt realize of what im doing, but GD gets weak. As i saw him sleeping, i lift my finger up and i start to trace his face. His jaw, his nose, his eyes, then on his lips. "Those lips.." I whisper to myself. Not knowing i said it out instead of inside my head, but didnt put much care. Then Jiyong, slowly opens his eyes, i put my hand down and smile. He smiles back and then he opens his blanket and wrapped me with him inside the blanket. My hand touches his bare chest. He is smooth and warm.I placed my head towards his chest, and my fingers started to trace his chest down to his belly button. *i want him, so bad. but i cant, i cant expose myself like this.* As i was about to say something, he grabs my chin and he placed his lips on mine. He moves left and right. Then his tongue enters inside of me. My body started to feel hot. He tends to drive me nuts. I grab his shoulder and stop the kiss, before any further access. I look into his eyes. *i cant* I kiss him, and hard. Then out of no where i got on top of him. He grabs my hips and hold me tight around his waist. I am becoming breathless as we kept on kissing. Then Jiyong grabs my ass and hold it tight. I moan to the sensation that ran through my body. Then his hands starys to go up and up. *no no no* I stop the kiss and grab his hands. Jiyong looks at me and i shake my head. He then lays me back on the bed and let me rest my head on his shoulder. He kiss my forehead. As i lay down, my feelings are starting to feel wild. I want Jiyong but I also want Seungri. *I need to get away*
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She'll get caught in one day!! 😂
girl girl girl... U still hv all Ur tricks up ur sleeves!!! ❤❤
My gosh... I Hope it's GD, but with Seungri it would also be great😍 What if she went to one of the other guys😱... probably not, hehe
Oh man.... the hole is getting deeper. XD
take car of yourself first, we can wait for your updates. but on to other topics... SQUEEEEEEE THIS WAS SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!
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