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Chapter 13~ Nari

~New York 1995~

I walked through the street of New York. The city that never sleeps. It was night time on a Friday and everyone was out to do their own thing. I carried my baby girl with me as I got to the park. I was meeting a friend who was kind enough to help me. I trust him to take care my daughter. He was standing in front of the lake. He had a suit on and his hair styled back. When he looked back he smiled at me. "Hello my Queen" he said as I stepped next to him. "Hello Alexxander" I looked into the night of the lake. "I missed you, you know" he said bringing my attention to him. I stared into his soft chocolate brown eyes and nod. The words that I wanted to say wouldn't come out but he knew that I missed him too. He smiled and tucked a stran of hair behind my ear. All the memories of us when we were kids to teens came flooding back to me. He was my best friend and my soul mate before his parents decided to come to earth when he turned 17. He had no choice to go but it didn't stop us from meeting time to time. I coughed to clear out my throat and looked away. I bent down to set the basket down that was holding my baby girl. I pulled the blanket away and got her out. I place the blanket back around her and stood up again. "This is Nari, she's going to be your daughter from now on. I need you to raise her and help her on the path that can save Exo Planet from Xerus Planet. Here is two locations where she can find her brothers. I need you to keep her safe from the Xerusians." I said handing her off to him and also giving him the letter that held the necklace and a letter from me. I gave Nari a last good bye before turning to walk away. "Stay safe My Queen" Alexxander said. I gave a soft smile and teleported to Exo planet to save my planet and the people. ~Alexxander p.o.v~ After the Queen left, I made my way home with my new daughter. I don't know anything about being a dad but I will try my best as a father and a business man. I walked up the driveway to my mansion house. I opened the door and was welcome by Secretary Kim. I gave him a what are you doing here look and he held out a black folder. I nod to show him that I understood and gave him a one moment. I laid Nari down in her crib that I got last week and went back down to my office. Secretary Kim was standing wait on me. "Here are the documents from Mr. Huang in Barcelona." he said. I looked over it and signed it off before giving it back to Secretary Kim. "Sir the kid you had is she the one you told me about?" he asked and I nod. "Yes she is." I said and with that he left and I went to Nari room. "I promise to keep you safe." I said and left to get ready for bed.