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Ladies, pay close attention.

If you're into beauty and all it's greatness then you've probably tried or at least heard about micellar water by now, if not [see here]. Unlike makeup wipes, micellar water has the ability to remove all traces of your makeup without having to over do it. They even suggest that you skip washing your face after removing your makeup because it's that legit.
I will definitely say that micellar water is definitely a makeup junkies holy grail and it really does save time when it comes to removing your makeup at night, especially Garnier's brand. I have tried two brands of micellar and out of the two, Garnier definitely takes the cake for effectiveness. Which leaves me no better time than now to mention that the brand has since created an oil infused micellar for dry and sensitive skin.
While I haven't tried this product out for myself, I definitely plan to. Based on reviews I have read thus far, the new product is moisturizing and non-greasy -- two huge pluses in the world of beauty.
If you have yet to try micellar or you just want to give this new edition a try for yourself, keep scrolling and check out the product review below.

All my makeup lover, what do you think?

Would you invest in this product?
I've always been curious about miscellar water! ...I think I'll give it a try (^.^)
@amobigbang I've tried that one and it's good as well. I am currently using the one by simple.
@MyAffairWith @FrankilliMambo I love the one by simple.
I love miscellar water, so I'd definitely try this product out!!
@jordanhamilton no problem :)
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