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You've seen me from all angles.

My best, my worst, the ugly, the beautiful, the overweight and the transformed. Despite my trials, you never once judged me and I thank you for that. At times I felt like giving up, you whispered in my ear to remind me that the finish line wasn't that far away.
You pushed me to greatness and without you, I wouldn't be sitting here right now writing this. I could be stuck in you, I thought about it -- but what good would that do me in the end?
Dwelling on you would only take me ten steps backwards and I had a date with destiny, there was no way I was going to arrive late. You held me in your arms when love wasn't enough and you freed me from the pain when joy was within arms reach. You tried to hold me back, but I wouldn't let you. The future was calling my name, how could I not answer?
I resent our relationship sometimes because you hold so many memories I cherish deeply. 'If only I could get one more chance', a thought I pondered on briefly. I've learned to let go and move forward because of you and although we aren't as close as we once were -- you will always be right there and that's always a good feeling.
The future tells me that he has great things in store for me. I hope you understand that I never meant to hurt you or leave abruptly, but I deserved so much more. It's not that you weren't worthy, it's just I had to learn that nothing lasts forever.
You were a present and I'll cherish the memories forever, but the future needed me. Don't remember me for who I was, appreciate me for who I'm going to become because you finally set me free -- or maybe, I just learned to set myself free along the way.
Thank you.
This is such a good idea! I try to reflect on who I was sometimes, because it truly shows how much I've changed in a that time. It feels good knowing where you came from instead of where you could be... because that's impossible!
Of course, anytime :) @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton thank you for letting me participate. No worries!! ^_^
well trying counts for something. I appreciate that :) @humairaa
thank you so very much! I would love for you to participate. sorry for the late response @MyAffairWith
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