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ok so ppl are putting up these cards asking which kpop group idol you would ship them with this made me curious lol I wanna try! Soo... Who would you guys ship me with lol
About Me... Well I love to hang out with friends, but I'm a busy person so my only day off is busy.. I work to much lol I love shopping and recently getting into dressing fashionably when I got out lol also I do a lot of zumba I like exercising and well I care for ppl I cherish my friends and I try to make them happy. If you guys would like to ask me for me info comment please
Lol idk but when i saw the last pic (the one with the hat) suga just popped into my head i think u would look super cute togethet
@angiey0222 awwww thank you!!!! im his noona
when I saw your pic I immediately thought BTS Jungkook 😊
@EniorehFrancois lol I know when we went to Korean town lol oh wait I made that perv joke in bus lol making me read A smut fanfic in public and stuff lol
@twistedPuppy ohhhh! lol ...yeah... but once I get to know ppl dude I act stupid hahaha say things to make you guys laugh 😝
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