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So, my friend @tayhar18920 just sent out a HELP request for any anime wallpapers. I just happen to have a seriously unmentionable amount of anime pics. The following are ones I use myself as wallpapers or just love.
This top is Naruto ones.
Kuroko no Basuke
Haikyuu!! (especially because I am currently OBSESSED with this anime!)
Kamisama Hajimemashita (For some reason Nanami and the music in this anime, have an incredibly calming effect on me, so I love seeing her on my screen, especially when a day isn't working out great.)
Noragami (another favorite, seriously, an absolute fav!)
So I was stopped by adding more (and had to take more than a few out of categories), so if any of you want to see any other pics I have swimming around on my computer, or want to request some, please let me know!
@tayhar18920, any of these strike your fancy?
these are great!
@Kirik i love all of these !! thanks for helping me out! i espically love the naruto,noragami and kamisama kiss ones!
I love the naruto ones
@tayhar18920 😆 so glad I was able to help.
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