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SO FOR THE GUYS OUT THERE IS THIS TRUE? I had to post this video cuz I love the way This professor explains The Mans Nothing Box. This is new to me cuz as a woman I cannot fathom my brain ever being able to stop as he explains hysterically!!!
I'm male, but I male quick connections. Some of my friends have decided to call me Sherlock Holmes. It's just logic though. Logical.
This is really interesting because I feel like he's constantly alternating between humor and actual theory.
huh? @LadyLuna I'm sorry I didn't hear ya, I was in my nothing box...
lmfao!!!! So true for women!! And I'm sure men have that box! all ud have to do is meet my dad and brother!! they have HUGE nothing boxes!!
lmao love the video! The differencees he pointed out about men and women is very generalized and won't fit every individual. I'm a female and I'm not driven by emotions, my memories are connected by scenarios. However I can relate to what he's saying in the video coz that's exactly how my mom reacts, she won't remember an event that happened 12 years ago, but if my dad did something and triggered an emotional response at that time, she'll remember it like yesterday!
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