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If you don't know what a coquí is, they are small tree frogs that are native to Puerto Rico. And if you ever visit the Latin island, you'll see that the coquí not only roaming and chillin', you'll also see them sported in different ways: on clothes, in songs, and in pottery. The coquí is pretty famous in Puerto Rico!

Cool Facts About Coquíes:

- During the night, you can hear these little frogs yell "koo-kee!" (Hm! so that's where they got their name).
- They are super small! They are usually about 1 or 2 inches in length.
- They sounds from coquíes are actually from the males. It's a mating call to attract the females and repel other males during mating season.
- They spend most of their nights in forests.
- They are meat-eaters. Their diet includes ants, crickets, moths, spiders, snails, ect.
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Does coqui means frog in Spanish? Or is the name specific to rainforest frogs?