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I have been seeing a lot of posts going around our Kpop community. From helping a friend stay strong to fight back evil cancer, or helping ones with feelings of no longer wanting to see tomorrow. I know it must be sad and hard to go through things like this, rather if your alone or with friends and family. If you have friends and family helping you get through tuff times, Vinglers will be your second family and crazy Kpop friends. If your alone, Vinglers will be your family to hear you, and your most crazy and carrying friends to help cheer you up. Us Vinglers will blast you with cards about encouragement, staying strong and thinking about the brighter side. Or blowing up your cards with paragraphed comments about the same thing. We Vinglers/Kpopers don't know each other personally, but we talk to each other and care for one another like you are our long lost friend. We will be here for you when you need us and we will still be here when you don't. That is what we Kpoperes do we stick together. thing to all of you going through a ruff, tuff time....FIGHTING!!! and remember, once a Kpoper always a Kpoper
just some random pics to look at and smile :)
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My Vingle family helped me get thru my mom's heart attack just a month ago, n then a week later my grandma's passing. I was pretty stressed, n more of a wreck than my mom in the hospital. but the knowledge that my 2nd family here made it easier. the words of comfort and support helped me hold it all together.
I totally agree. I really love the way everyone comes together!
Totally agreed!!! hug love. hug... love鈾♀櫋鈾♀櫋
We really are a family here.