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Never a dull moment with the Elric brothers as well as the Col, 1st LT, WINRY and of course hayate!! Gotta love they can still find the time to enjoy themselves even with their insane and tragic incident and the world crashing around them!! So remember this is anything NAKAMA!! Even when things are rough, tough, or hard to handle, smile!! A smile can help to change your day and feel good as well as brighten up someone else's day!! Sometimes it only takes a simple thing to turn 1 big situation into an all fun fest!! "Reference to one is all" haha!! Anyways have a great Friday NAKAMA!! Anime is life!! NAKAMA 4 life!!
What is Roy doin XD
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@toriesp1 haha I think trying to light a grill I'm assuming since he is the flame alchemist lol.
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