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March 18th: Avoid Instagram
Not that millions of angry Instagram users will change the way Facebook owned, Instagram runs its business, but if you've been following the news (and your favorite Insta accounts), then you've noticed the push for EVERYONE to AVOID the app on March 18th, which is today.
The reason: Instagram announced just days ago that it will be "improving" the user experience by implementing algorithm-based hierarchy of feeds instead of the social media dominance of reverse chronology.
In essence, Instagram will decide FOR YOU what should be in your feed, which will be based on a complex equation that takes into account popularity, views, shares, comments and the like. What this means, however, is that unless you are a major player with over 50,000 real followers, with active accounts, you most likely will not get coverage or seen by those who follow you. This also means that if you have a large following, then you will be required to pay to have your feed seen.
It's a two-edged sword. You're penalized for having a small footprint in the social media space, and therefore will be seen even less. On the other hand, if you are popular, or rise in popularity, then you will be forced to pay to be seen, or else lose your visibility.
Experts warned a while back that this would be inevitable with Instagram as its parent company, Facebook began using the algorithm to boost the bottom line through advertisements.
Is it any wonder why people are quickly joining SnapChat?!
Thank God Vingle doesn't run its site like that. From what I can tell, when I share a card, it's right at the top. I'm not penalized for having a lot or a few followers of my collections. There's no advertising and I can get real commentary from other users on the cards that I share.
Whether it does any good or not, I'm avoiding Instagram today. And maybe over the weekend too. Will you?
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I just realized that I typed in wrong lol. I'm laughing my head off right now lol.
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nooooooooo!!! Are u kidding me??? Why the eff are they doing that!!!! Insta is literally my life!!!! 馃槶馃槶
a year agoReply
I don't even have an Instagram account lol, who cares? Vingle is even better.
a year agoReply
I saw this change!! Twitter also has the option to rearrange your feed. Which I think instagram should definitely do! they need to let it be and OPTION only.
a year agoReply
It's so maddening @nicolejb
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