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I think 2016 is going to be an interesting year. The Year of the Monkey, it's been said, will be polarizing. I think that is true in the beauty realm as well. While there are no limits to the products one can buy to accessorize your naked body to fit "society norms" of what is beautiful, there's a noticeable trend in skincare that I have noticed.
Don't look now, but we're already a quarter of the way through with 2016! And yet it feels like we just started.
Right now there's a concerted push in the beauty and lifestyle industries to embrace the quality of excellent skincare. It's becoming the new luxe. You can have all the extras, the jewelry, the handbags, the sandals, etcetera, but without great skin, you're kinda missing the mark.
If you haven't already done so, join the SKINCARE COMMUNITY to get a better handle on ways to nourish and take care of your skin. This includes products, reviews, tips, tricks, hacks and do-it-yourself methods. Plus a ton of other things.
Let's take the time now, to take care of our natural beauty (and skin), before we try to cover it up with makeup, accessories and things that distract from our own beautiful skin.
Tagging my makeup gals because if you're a lover of makeup and cosmetics, like me, then you should love and cherish beautiful natural skin to begin with!
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Oh don't you worry about that @animaniafreak you're definitely on the list for pulling :)
I think most people are generally aware that product photography goes through rigorous photoshop @ayansakuraBloss. I wouldn't necessarily call it a scheme per se. We want to buy products that are designed and packaged well, especially in the health and beauty segments. What's ultimately important, is to take measures to protect, hydrate and heal the body's skin. It's our biggest defense against the sun, toxins and elements outside the body. Instead of slathering on so much makeup, we ought to take extra care to take better care of our skin. :)
As well as the use of Illustrator for logo design.
I just realized my card is in the pic!!!
Yes because beauty starts with taking care of your skin :)